2021 Wedding Trends and The Pandemic

Spring of 2020 brought with it the era of Covid-19, and the new age of social distancing and business lockdowns. Although 2021 opened with the hope of vaccination, uncertainty still cloud the horizon.

In spite of the shifting sands of rules and regulations, there are still many couples who have decided not to wait for unknown time when normalcy returns. They have chosen to move forward with their big day with a small, intimate ceremony and celebration.

For those who are planning to exchange vows this year, here are some of the top wedding trends of 2021 during the pandemic.

Intimate Weddings

Social distancing: This year, couples are downsizing their big day. Small and intimate weddings can create an emotional and personal ambiance that is often missing in large weddings.

Intimate Guest Lists: Trimming the guest list means there are no obligatory invites. Only those who are in the most inner circle can attend due to social distancing. Memories are built on this intimacy of the moment.

The Updated Welcome Box:

Boxed gifts for wedding guests have been on the rise over the past several years, but the Coronavirus pandemic called for a redesign. Couples are now adorning their welcome boxes with everything their guests need to stay safe and enjoy the occasion. Personalized masks and hand sanitizers have replaced chocolates or mini bottles of liquor.

Creative Seating:

Small weddings allow for creative seating arrangements. This includes both seating for the ceremony and the reception.

Couples can arrange guests in ways that are unique and socially distanced. Panoramic ceremony seating allows for everyone to be safe, yet close to witness the important moment.

Reception table arrangements are utilizing pod seating. Small tables for just two or three guests from the same family pod allows for guests to interact while staying safe.

Two-Part Weddings:

Wedding season in the age of the Coronavirus has spiked the two-part wedding feature. Couples who are tying the knot during the pandemic are planning two weddings at the same time. One for the current pandemic world and another at a later date when we’re free from mask protocol and social distancing.

Niche Venues:

Planning an intimate wedding for 20-50 guests offers the opportunity to consider niche venues. Remote destinations, such as desert venues, the coast, or backcountry ranches become possibilities.

Mini & Reverse Speeches:

Rather than of having just two or three speeches, smaller weddings allow for everyone to say a few words. Reverse speeches can allow the bride and groom can say a few words about their guests, bringing the speeches full circle.

Backyard Weddings:

Some couples may opt to hold casual, low key, back yard weddings during this pandemic. This allows flexibility when planning a sequel wedding for the post-pandemic world.

Single-Tier Cakes:

Small, single-tier cakes are becoming increasingly popular. Master bakers are creating small and delicious masterpieces. Small cake themes are only limited by the imagination. Examples might include a subtle accent on the bride’s dress, the wedding party’s color scheme, or something symbolically meaningful to the couple.

Weekday Weddings:

Hosting a celebration of love on a weekday is another trend that has become more frequent with the pandemic. Smaller guests lists lend to more scheduling flexibility. It’s always easier to coordinate fewer people!

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